In our veterinary clinics we place a strong emphasis on responsible pet care. We offer a comprehensive range of Desexing Services that include both surgical and chemical options for pets of all ages.

This vital procedure aids in preventing certain types of cancer and serves as an effective means to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce undesirable behaviours. Our experienced veterinary team prioritises the safety and well-being of each pet undergoing desexing, providing pet owners with the flexibility to choose the method that aligns with their preferences and the unique needs of their animals.

Wollondilly Shire Council requires desexing of cats before 4 months of age, and dogs before 6 months of age. Exemptions to these rules could be made after a consultation with our veterinarians if it is in the best interests of your animals welfare.

Desexing can reduce the chance of cancer, prevent life threatening conditions such as pyometra and prostatitis, and contribute to the overall health and longevity of pets. Desexing contributes to a more harmonious living environment by significantly reducing undesirable behaviours such as roaming, aggression, and territory marking.

Our commitment to responsible pet care includes informative consultations to empower pet owners with the knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions about desexing.

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