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A family owned clinic that has been caring for the health and wellbeing of pets, and their families in the Wollondilly and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

We are a caring team offering friendly advice for cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, pigs and cattle.

We are eager to help, and offer a range of value & quality care options for each animal.

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Find Us in Tahmoor

118 York Street, Tahmoor, NSW, 2573 (Opposite Tahmoor primary school)

Find Us in Thirlmere

 25 Oaks Street, Thirlmere, NSW, 2572 (Opposite Thirlmere primary school)

Caring Country Vets @
Tahmoor & Thirlmere

The Caring Country Vets team is committed to providing quality care with open and honest communication at all times. We offer you experienced and practical advice on all aspects of animal health.
Experienced Veterinary Services

Our staff love to help you, and your cherished furry family members. We strive to provide the best care possible with up-to-date information, proven techniques and clear communication.

We request you make an appointment to assist in our scheduling and to reduce wait times. If you have an emergency, please call first so we can offer advice and prepare for your arrival. Patients in need of urgent medical attention are triaged and given priority.

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Our Team

Dr Matthew Walker BVSc

Dr Rennie Sinclair-Kydd BVetBio BVSc

Tiana Stacey

Ellyse Hamilton

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What people say about us

The most wonderful and caring team at Thirlmere. Dr Stephen is extremely knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile to get to the bottom of things. Dr Rennie is so dedicated to the love he has for all animals. I went through a really tough time when my girl was touch and go and Dr Rennie went above and beyond to try and save her. The whole team are absolutely wonderful and I couldn't trust anyone with my furry and feathered family as much as I trust the team here! I have so much admiration and respect for all the amazing staff that have looked after my pets along the way.

Renai Russel

Couldn't be more appreciative of the professionalism, aftercare and genuine kindness that all the team show, both sites are fabulous. Blaze and I are super thankful, Dr Rennie and Dr Madeline, you're ace!

Andrea Smith

Thank you Dr Sandra and your amazing team for helping this very stressed very scared dog mum this morning when my girl was having complications while giving birth. From involving me in the Caesarian to there understanding I can’t not thank you guys enough. Truely amazing

Rochelle Anna Johns

Both our beloved fur kids have been cared for by Dr Matt & team at Thirlmere Caring Country Vets for many years. They have been professional, caring and always helpful. I have just heard that Caring Country Vets have offered to vaccinate Buxton Public School's pet rabbit and to give the children a talk about pet care. I AM SO GRATEFUL - that rabbit has made transition into Kindergarten, that little bit easier for our daughter. She loves Russell Rabbit. Thank you x

Sarhn MG

I highly recommend Taking your furry loved ones here (or their Tahmoor location). Amazing customer service bright and friendly, the vets are super knowledgeable and are genuine (no fake smiles) also they are reasonably priced. I have been to a lot of different vets and Caring Country Vets I would definitely rate them as one of the best, even if they are a little far for you to visit they are honestly worth the travel.

Jonathan Theori

Thankyou! We had ongoing problems with our dog, after several different vet visits with no help or diagnosis, we attended Thirlmere vet for a final chance at finding a resolution or putting our dog down. Thirlmere vet did a thorough assessment, took samples, possible diagnosis, explained expectations and overall made our very upset family as well as our dog relaxed and at ease. Thinking I was going to the vet to possibly euthanise her, our dog is doing great. Thirlmere vet seemed the only vet to actually want to find a solution …. At a fraction of what other vets charge. I would have paid double for this service. Again, Thankyou!

Amsay D

There are not many places that provides a service like Caring Country Vets they certainly live up to their name. Attended an urgent onsite visit to one of my animals within 20 mins, followed up with phone call after phone call and had no problems answering my many questions. These guys are certainly my new 'go to' vets.

Simon Maitland
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