Behavioral Medicine & Consultations

Caring for the mental and emotional well-being of your beloved pet is a priority at Caring Country Vets. A number of our vets have special interests in behavioral medicine, utilizing evidence-based techniques, and integrating appropriate husbandry and medication solutions to address and remedy behavioral concerns in your furry companions.

Comprehensive Consultations

Our experienced veterinarians conduct in-depth consultations to understand the specific behavioral challenges your pet is facing. These consultations consider various factors such as environment, routine, and social interactions, providing a holistic view of your pet’s unique situation. Please allow 45 minutes for these consults, and be aware there is a different price to our standard consultation – phone the clinic to discuss.

Evidence-Based Techniques

We employ scientifically proven, evidence-based techniques to analyze and modify your pet’s behavior. This approach ensures that our interventions are grounded in the latest research and tailored to the individual needs of your pet.

Husbandry Recommendations

Recognizing the significant impact of environment and care on a pet’s behavior, we provide practical and effective husbandry recommendations. These may include adjustments to living conditions, daily routines, and social interactions to create a supportive environment for your pet’s mental well-being.

Medication Solutions

In many cases behavioral issues may benefit from medication. Our veterinary team carefully considers the use of medications, prescribing them judiciously and monitoring their effectiveness. Medications are always used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, complementing other behavioral interventions.

We understand the unique bond between pets and their owners, and our goal is to help you build a harmonious relationship based on trust and understanding. Together we’ll work towards creating a happy and balanced life for your cherished companion.

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